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Anonymous: "Fuck Paily. I'm just happy to know that Maya might still be alive."


 It’s mid season and Paily are back together with absolutely no story line.  The writers hooked shippers, set up a triangle and that will play out in 5b.  Nobody who watches this show with any kind of critical thinking skills will think that Paige is Emily’s endgame girl.  Their story could not be any less romantic.  The angst and passion (and yes, complications, lying, etc) is with Emison and that is what makes the endgame stories.  If shippers can take off their goggles, and step back and look at the narrative, how the story is being told, the dialogue even, you can see that it’s not what it appears to be.  Nothing in Rosewood is.  Emily saying that what she had with Paige was so genuine was very specific by the writers to let us know that Emily sees Paige as true and honest and she’s there, she’s dependable.  And Alison is lying and manipulating and using Emily (or we think she is at this point).  If Paily were supposed to be that story that we root for (in the end), they wouldn’t be back together with NO story.  There would be a big reunion, an actual STORY about them.  Paily has always lacked a story, screen time, words, scenes, and it’s not b/c it’s a f/f pairing. The story that will be told is Emily and Alison’s story.  Let’s revisit this at the end of 5b and see how much has changed.  :-)  Also, I don’t know if Maya is back.  Perhaps she’s only back for the fan special in October.  I loved Maya/Emaya but I don’t see them spoiling a big return by a “dead” character by having her be in this fan special.  A return like that would be a big reveal that would be a surprise imo.


what everyone was thinking during this scene

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me to the writers trying to turn me against Alison


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Anonymous: "As much as it hurts to watch, I'm sorry other ships but Emison is honestly the only interesting ship on the entire show right now, their dynamic is incredible. Ezria,Spoby and Haleb are not keeping me interested at all."


I know like Emison hurts like a mother fucker and it rips me in half every episode basically, but that’s why I love it. It’s angsty and it’s interesting and just overly beautiful as a whole. I love Emison so much.. Which is why I still won’t give up. I do love Spoby a lot btw like I love them. But Emison all day every day.

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i don’t know why, but all of them being in one room together was just glorious to me.

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